“[The] textbook is the best book I have really ever used.... Learning the material is not a chore.” -- from a student user of this textbook

You can order The Constitutional Recipe for Freedom

by sending money through PayPal to MrPratt12@gmail.com for $36

(if the book is staying within the lower 48 states).

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Here’s what former students are saying about this textbook:


“Get ready for your eyes to be opened….  I really enjoyed discussing this class with my parents and quizzing them on the subject.” -- BH, Florida


“The textbook is awesome, not dry at all, and very informative. I plan to take my copy to college with me to help refute all those unconstitutional and ‘politically correct’ happenings!”                                              -- Ashley, California


“[The] textbook is the best book I have really ever used. It has so much information, but is written so that learning the material is not a chore."

                                                                                -- Sasha, Russia


“The book that Mr. Pratt has written really challenged me in my beliefs like gun control [and] what the Constitution really means. I had never read it before, and being able to not only think about it but also [read it] definitely changed me.”

                                                                                -- Chad, Virginia


“The most interesting thing I learned in Mr. Pratt’s government [book] was the limited power of congress. I thought the federal government could basically pass any law and the states would have to obey it, but after looking at the constitution we saw that the states have the authority to stand up to unconstitutional laws passed by congress.”                                              -- Elizabeth, Colorado


Note:  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can e-mail a textbook request to Info@PrinciplesofFreedom.com