“[The] textbook is the best book I have really ever used.... Learning the material is not a chore.” -- from a student user of this textbook

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Former Users of the Textbook Speak Out:

“Mr. Pratt’s own textbook supplements the constitution perfectly; it’s full of interesting stories and examples that make a document, usually labeled as confusing, simple and straightforward.” -- Emily, Virginia

“Mr. Pratt skillfully balances between learning and fun, so you'll never be bored. His helpful slides (that double as handy handouts) also make it easy and fun for listeners to keep attention and take notes on lectures. And if you're worried that the textbook chapters will be long and boring -- again no fear! Each chapter is in nice big easy-to-read font and style complete with pictures, review questions for reference, and the helpful appendix in the back.” -- Libby, New York

“Something that I gained through taking this class is that I am constantly analyzing things that I hear on the news. I don’t accept what the newscasters are saying at face value anymore; I check to see if what they are reporting on is within the bounds of the Constitution.” -- Jacob, Vermont

“This is not a class that you will take and forget most of it next year; on the contrary, you will never forget what you have learned in this class.” -- Kyle, Colorado