“[The] textbook is the best book I have really ever used.... Learning the material is not a chore.” -- from a student user of this textbook

How to Get Additional Teaching Resources

Parents can order a “Teacher and Biblical Principles Guide” for The Constitutional Recipe for Freedom. This guide gives parents and teachers sample tests and answer keys (including answer keys for the chapter-ending questions). 

There is also a two-disc DVD set that you can order here.

The biblical principles contained within the teaching guide supplements the material that is taught in the textbook.

Without a doubt, these principles are transformational -- not just for understanding the principles of government, but for challenging students in their daily lives as well. Consider just a couple of comments from former students:

* “If continual hilarious and witty puns aren’t reason enough it get into Mr. Pratt’s Government class, than the truths he reveals out of the Bible should top it off.  For me, it opened my eyes to the power of God over the Nations of the World.  Doing so, Mr. Pratt released me into a new stage of my walk with God.” -- Caleb, Ohio 

* “Overall this class rocked my world, and turned everything upside down. It showed me right from wrong, and I loved it!” -- Ian, Massachusetts

You have a couple of different pricing options in ordering these teaching guides:

• $8.00 -- to receive a PDF email of the “Teacher and Biblical Principles Guide.”

• $20.00 -- to receive a hardcopy of the two guides.

Orders should be submitted through PayPal to MrPratt12@gmail.com for the above amount. Make sure that you put your Name and Mailing Address in the comment line in your order.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can e-mail a request to Info@PrinciplesofFreedom.com

NOTE:  There is a $3 discount for those ordering a copy of the textbook and the supplementary materials together in the same order.